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Managed IT
IT services for any business, big or small.
Rally is your personal IT department.

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Cloud Services

Whether your business is small or medium-sized, Rally Cloud Computing will let you to compete with larger businesses that have a dedicated internal IT department and seemingly unlimited IT budgets. You get the same technology, tools and services  – for less.

Network Services

Not only people, we’re going to make sure your network stays connected too.


We guarantee your network operates smoothly with our customized network solutions. Rally’s approach is going to make the most of your IT infrastructure to increase your productivity.

Remote & On-Site
Service Desk

Our handy location and responsive team makes it easy for us to manage your IT needs by phone or in person – not getting transferred to another department. You go about your business, let us worry about your IT.



Get back to work knowing that with our remote support your IT is monitored and protected 24/7, 365 days a year.

Hosted Exchange & Email Archiving

Who needs physical servers for support? Lower your expenses and ongoing email support. Rally’s Hosted Exchange service gives you unlimited size storage.

Back that up. Each user’s email, mobile messaging and other social media data is safeguarded for retention and compliance.  A real-time backup is made for each user in our secure server environment.

VoIP & Telephony

What the VoIP?  Voice over IP telephony is going to make calling a lot easier. Make calls over the Internet and lower the cost of long distance, unify messaging systems and easily add more users. It’s the FUTURE.

Hardware & Software

Servers and storage and printers – oh my! Maintaining all that equipment is hard and takes you away from what matters, your business!


Rally’s hardware service gives you the best hardware care from our industry experts.

Private Circuits & Internet

Get reliable service with our Enterprise Internet Solutions giving you superior connectivity
and dedicated bandwidth to keep your business running smoothly.

Whether you have 5 or 500 employees, our team has a solution to help you stay connected.

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